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A patio is one of the easiest ways to enjoy outdoor luxury at home – and concrete is the obvious choice for the material. Choose your decorative finish, enjoy greater durability than wood or pavers, and don’t worry too much about maintenance. What’s not to love about your concrete patio drainage? If you answered ‘bad drainage’, then you’ve definitely arrived at the right place – because we’re about to explore a concrete patio drainage system.

All too often, people absolutely love their concrete patio drainage – until it’s sitting underwater after some particularly heavy rain. Obviously, the problem is that getting the concrete slab drainage solution right for your patio can be rather tricky. And once it sets in, it’s not just your afternoon chill that will be under threat, but your family’s home and health.

So why is the drainage system around concrete patio slabs so often a problem?

1. Bad slope

If the patio is billiard-table flat, trust us – there are going to be minor low spots, and that’s where the water will start collecting. So was your concrete slab drainage system done at the right angle or slope?

2. Clogged drain

If the drains in concrete patios worked initially, but now it’s collecting water, the problem could be a clogged drain. Outdoor drains are highly susceptible to a slow or rapid build-up of debris, especially after storms or a long time.

3. The roof

Is the stormwater from your roof, gutters or downpipes flowing directly onto your concrete patio? The solution could be as simple as re-directing that flow.

So now we know what causes concrete patio drainage problems – so now we need to look into how to add a drainage system to a concrete patio that’s playing up!

How to add drainage to concrete patio

The good news is that even though that slab is already down, it’s still not too late to add a concrete patio drain solution! Here’s how to create the correct drain in concrete patio features at your place:

1. Sloping channel

It can be easy as simply cutting in a sloping channel so that the water is directed to a more suitable drainage destination – and you can even finish the job in style by filling it in with decorative stone or gravel.

2. Metal channel drain

If gravel isn’t your cup of tea, metal channel drains in concrete are also popular and effective – and they can be as narrow as just a handful of centimetres wide and installed totally flush with the patio so they won’t cause the people you love to stumble over them.

3. Cement overlay

If correcting the pitch of the concrete slab is proving too difficult with the existing structure, a cement overlay could be the solution.

4. Ask your plumber

Sure, a concreter may be able to help. But the real drainage solutions experts, even when it comes to drainage in concrete slab infrastructure, are your friendly local plumbers – like the skilled and experienced drainage team at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts.

Need a fast drain in concrete patio solution?

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