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If you ask Seqwater, Queensland’s official drinking water supplier, the water in the state is “some of the highest quality in the world”. That’s thanks to a complex water filtration process including coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection – but that doesn’t mean it’s 100% pure, especially with all the recent rain and flooding.

Additionally, Australian water suppliers make no secret about the addition of chlorine and fluoride, while aluminium is also regularly detected in Queensland tapwater, as are:

  • Toxic metal salts
  • Hormones & pesticides
  • Lead, bacteria & protozoa via the supply pipes
  • Up to 100 or more other known pollutants and contaminants.

How do water filters work?

Luckily, there’s something simple you can do about that – a point-of-use water filter! And the removal of those hundreds of contaminants is not the only reason you should consider it:

  • You’ll have better tap water quality and your water will be clearer
  • You’ll save hundreds on bottled water
  • You’ll stop drinking limescale, chlorine & lead
  • It’ll taste & smell better
  • It’ll add value & appeal to your home.

Are you still unconvinced that your tap water needs an extra water filtration process at the point of use? Perhaps a detailed account of how water filters work, especially the gold standard of water filtration methods – reverse osmosis – will change your mind:

Reverse osmosis water filtration process

Did you know that when you buy a bottle of water off the supermarket shelf, it has almost certainly undergone reverse osmosis filtration just before the cap was screwed on? Now, you can enjoy the same Gold Standard water filtration technology every single time you put a glass to your lips.

How do filters work in this category? It’s called reverse osmosis because water is pushed under extreme pressure through an almost-impermeable membrane from the side containing more contaminants to the side containing fewer contaminants. The result is drinking water that is just about as pure as it possibly can get. The membrane features tiny pores that allow water molecules through but block anything else.

As a bonus, reverse osmosis water filters typically add a further 2, 3, 4 or even 5 further stages of filtration – with sediment filters and an activated carbon filter almost always part of the overall system.

  • The sediment filter gets rid of particles like dirt & rust
  • The carbon filter gets rid of organic compounds & chlorine
  • The reverse osmosis filters removes 98% of everything except pure H2O.

It works like this:

1. Pre-filtration

Before reverse osmosis, the pre-filtration stage involves the water passing through carbon or sediment filters. The added benefit is that the reverse osmosis membrane is then protected from various contaminants that could damage it.

2. Reverse osmosis

By the time the water gets to the reverse osmosis (RO) membrane, only contaminants that are too small even to be seen with an electron microscope remain. Once it’s passed through the RO membrane, 99% of all remaining aesthetic and health-related contaminants are gone.

3. The ‘polishing’ stage

In the final stage of the overall filtration process, the water is run one final time through water filter systems – usually a carbon one. Any remaining cloudiness, odours or smells are normally eliminated by this stage.

4. The storage tank

The multiple-filtered water flows into a storage tank, awaiting the next turn of the tap. When you then turn on the tap, the water typically goes through yet another filter – let’s call it a ‘post-filter’ – to give it one final purification polish.

Ask Gold Coast’s experts about water filters.

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