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Burst Pipes & Water Leaks Experts

When it comes to the important plumbing systems and infrastructure in and around your home, there’s nothing more problematic than burst or leaking pipes.

Not only do you risk driving up your water bill and wasting this precious resource, leaking pipes can damage your possessions, walls, ceilings and floor coverings, and even threaten the fundamental structure of your valuable home.

Luckily, Gold Coast Plumbing Experts are there for you when your pipes are playing up! We use the latest technology and know-how, and our years of experience with damaged and leaking pipes of all sorts, to locate the hardest-to-find water leaks and quickly and efficiently fix them.

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Save $$$ With Expert Water Leak Repairs

No matter what’s gone wrong with your pipes, you can rely on us to fix it! Our specialised services in all types of pipe repairs include:

  • Coverage across the Gold Coast and beyond
  • First-class workmanship at an affordable price
  • Experienced pipe repair plumbers on call 24/7
  • Same-day leaking pipe repairs in most cases.

Our friendly, fully qualified and licensed plumbers can handle all water leak repairs, in every residential, commercial and industrial setting.

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Watch Out for the Signs of Leaking Pipes

If a broken or cracked pipe is gushing water, it’s not too difficult to diagnose the problem! But some leaking pipes are notoriously hard to locate, access and repair, so watch out for the signs and let Gold Coast Plumbing Experts do the rest.

Do you:

  • Hear running, dripping or hissing water?
  • See a damp patch or discoloured spot on the wall?
  • Feel a warm spot in the wall or notice bubbling paint?
  • See mould or mildew on the ceiling?
  • Notice a recurring puddle of water?
  • Smell a damp, musky smell?
  • Notice inconsistent water pressure?
  • Hear water hammer?

You may only notice your water meter spinning when all the taps are off, recoil at higher than usual water bills, or spot a patch of grass that is suspiciously healthy. But whatever you do, don’t ignore the signs of leaking pipes and instead get in touch with the friendly guys at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts.

We are Gold Coast’s reliable experts when it comes to all sorts of issues with leaking pipes, including:

leaking pipes repairs gold coastBurst water pipes: Ranging from barely noticeable problems to gushing floods, burst water pipes are a very serious plumbing issue that can cause huge amounts of damage, pose safety risks, and even damage your home’s foundation.

Leaking toilets: It may be easy to ignore, but a leaking toilet can really drive up your water bill – especially as 30% of your bill is already spent on the normal operation of household toilets.

Leaking hot water systems: Unfortunately, even a minor leak in your hot water system can soon become a very big problem that leaves you with more than a cold shower!

Leaking taps: A dripping or leaking tap is not just annoying, it can even be dangerous once mould and mildew start to grow. A single leaking tap can also waste 20,000 litres of water a year, and eventually cause a plumbing problem that costs you thousands of dollars.

So whether it’s just an annoying drip or an absolute emergency in the middle of the night, don’t hesitate – call Gold Coast Plumbing experts for thorough, affordable and guaranteed plumbing services on 1300 600 632 today.


Thanks Gold Coast plumbing experts! Highly recommend this company attended promptly and cleared my blocked drain. Great service from this company!

– Jarvis Robins (5-star Google Review)

Thanks Ryan for changing over my hot water system.

– Jim Koek (5-star Google Review)

Came on time agreed to a price all good.

– Scott Cameron (5-star Google Review)