Do You Have A Blocked Drain?

Not only are blocked drains annoying but they can also pose a health hazard too. Gold Coast Plumbing Experts is your local blocked drains expert, and you’ll be relieved to know that we can usually fix your blocked drain without having to dig up your property. Regardless of whether your backyard is flooding when it rains, or your toilet or basin is backing up, we can help. We’re also available for 24 hours, 7 days a week, for when you need us the most.

What causes blocked drains?

Most blockages in your drains and pipes are caused by fatty deposits and trash, root intrusion, faulty pipework, and damage. Our team of experts regularly handle all types of blocked drains in the Gold Coast and can clear them using a variety of techniques such as water jet rodding and plumbers snake. Fortunately, digging up large areas of your property to find the cause of a blocked drain has become a thing of the past. We utilise the latest in plumbing technology, including a specialist camera system and software to carry out a CCTV survey. This enables a technician to not only locate the exact whereabouts of the blockage but also to assess the structural condition and integrity of the drain or sewer – all without any disruption to your property or the environment. Clearing a blocked drain is just the beginning, however, since if the issue that caused it in the first place isn’t addressed, then it’s likely to block again. In essence, the blockage is just a symptom of an underlying problem, such as a tree root having accessed a pipe through a crack. Fortunately, our ‘no dig’ technology means we can usually repair a damaged pipe without having to dig up your property.

Drain cleaning service

Like anything prevention is better than cure, and regular drain cleaning will minimise the risk of blocked drains. We can carry out an inspection service using our CCTV camera technology to give you a report on the health of your drains and pipes. We can then carry out any pipe repairs or cleaning as needed, or recommend any new plumbing or installations where necessary. So if you need help in clearing blocked drains, including:

  • Blocked toilet, shower drain, or sink
  • Broken, collapsed, or blocked pipe
  • Blocked drains caused by stormwater damage
  • Broken or blocked sewer pipes or drains

then call Gold Coast Plumbing Experts for assistance on 1300 600 632 or complete our contact form, we can be with you today.